What vitamins and minerals should I take?

    What vitamins and minerals should I take?

    The way to get all the vital nutrients we need to intake minerals, vitamins, as food supplements in its’ rawest form. Foods today are not as nutrient rich as it was. in the past when they were in raw form because of the process we cook in we lose the essential nutrients. Because of this, we should take the correct steps to be sure we are getting all our minerals and vitamins. This will help you when you go to the health store and ask yourself, “What vitamins and minerals should I take?”

    The food supplements at the health store can be intimidating if you are not really knowledgeable about the benefits. It pays to due-diligence on the diverse minerals and vitamins and what each one does individually to your body as a benefit. Most sales reps are not really qualified to provide you with details about each vitamin so it would benefit you to put together what you know in addition to what is recommended.

    Ask yourself few questions

    ‘what vitamins and minerals should I take?’ – Answer : You can begin by asking the question, ‘what type of diet do you have?’ then you could ask, ‘what nutrients should I be taking?’ Do you eat meats or are you vegan, and do you dislike veggies? Missing out on a particular food group within your diet has an affect on the nutrient-intake you give your body.

    If you are vegan and you don’t eat animal fat or liver, you may lack the iron that you need to replenish the red blood cells in your body. Try a vitamin that will provide you with the right amount of iron and help you re-absorb iron in the gut. The B vitamins will aid you in the metabolism process.

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    Do you have a difficult time seeing during the night? You may lack retinal as this is found in vitamin A and this helps prevent night blindness. They sell isolated forms of the vitamin and come in gel capsules. You may also ask, ‘What vitamins should I take since I seem to get the colds easily?’ as a result, A daily dose of vitamin C or a dose of Acai berry which has a potent form of vitamin C may help you ward off the sniffles more effectively.


    The vitamins that you should take all depend on your lifestyle, assess what you lack in your diet and fill in that gap by purchasing food supplements and vitamins that will suit you. If you do not raise your own livestock and garden, it is vital you use vitamins and mineral supplements.

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