Is Today the Day For You For a Change?

I had reached my limit, and did not want to live my life feeling tired all the time anymore. I had decided that was going to take control of my wellness with unwavering “Laser Focus” and get healthy.

Set a goal – My goal was to lose unwanted fat, and have more energy

Make a plan to reach my goal – I created an exercise weekly schedule that I was able to follow even with my busy life. I follow a healthy nutrition plan that “works” which involves 2 healthy shakes, 2 snacks, and a normal 500-600 calorie fork and knife meal once a day.

Overall wellness is something many people take for granted. It is no secret that people that are overweight, are more likely to develop high blood pressure and have high cholesterol. High blood pressure and cholesterol can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight.

I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight for most of my adult life. My problem is that I like to eat food that is not necessarily good for you, and then I eat it in large quantities. Fortunately, I love cycling (in particular mountain biking). If it was not for exercise, I would weigh 300 pounds.

It has taking me years of listening to my body, and figuring out what I can, and cannot eat (and when to eat), but I finally feel good about the current state of my health.

Many people worry that dieting means that you will always be hungry. Well, that truth is, you can’t lose weight without feeling hungry a few times per day! Typically, I am not hungry in the morning. I am usually hungry around lunchtime, in the late afternoon, and especially at night when I go to bed. I believe it is important to be hungry when you go to bed, so you wake up not feeling bloated. My last meal (which is usually a healthy shake) is around 6pm. I try and fast for 14 hours per day (which means, I do not eat anything until 8am the next day if my last meal was at 6pm the night before.)

It is not rocket science to maintain a healthy weight, and it should not clean out your wallet. You should be spending around $10 per day on healthy food. It is very easy to stay focused on healthy eating when you have a proper plan in place to follow.

Follow the plan with “Laser Focus” until you hit your goal, and do not let ANYTHING stand in your way.

Commit, focus, and execute.

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