The Night Shift for a Registered Nurse

The registered nurse (RN) is responsible for taking care of persons who are admitted in the hospital or in a nursing home because of a disease or surgery. Registered nurses assist these patients as they slowly recover. RNs are working together with doctors and other hospital staff with one goal that is to give the patients professional medical care.

One of the most important responsibilities of a registered nurse is giving medications under the super vision of doctors and monitoring the health conditions of patients. They then record the data and keep the records updated and safe. Nurses work in different shifts since the hospitals are running a 24 hour operation. It is very important for nurses to stay awake and alert all the time especially during night shifts.

Tips on working night shifts

Eat well – before you start your shift make sure you eat a full meal. During the day, you may find the hospital cafeteria with a lot of food available but during the night, it could be empty and if you haven’t taken your meal before your shift then you will be starving during your entire shift and this may lead you to work poorly and weak.

Sleep well – the patients need caring during the night as well as they do during the day so you have to get enough sleep before you go to work since you will be responsible for taking care of your patients during the night. When you got home from work do not sleep right away. Relax for a while and you can watch TV or do household chores for a while. Your body will tell you when to sleep and when it does; your sleep will be more.

Avoid sleeping pills – there are times when you are really having a hard time sleeping. Avoid taking sleeping pills and other sleeping medications. If you cannot sleep during the day, it would be effective for you to wear a sleep mask and ear plugs. Covering your windows with dark curtains to simulate a night time may be effective as well.

Exercise – exercise is also very important. Regular exercise will make your body strong and be immune to diseases. With regular exercise, your body will develop positive hormones that would make you feel good and relaxed. With regular exercise you will also be able to help you sleep naturally and deeply. It also gives you inner peace. Being a registered nurse was never an easy job.

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