Care Assistant Jobs – What’s Involved in the Role?

Care assistant jobs otherwise known as care home jobs are basically providing care to old age patients under the supervision and guidance of the care home manager. Other duties involve assisting nursing staffs in the running and operation of the care home.

Care jobs require a person’s genuine interest in working within a caring environment and the ability to communicate effectively at all levels. A carer is expected to be a team player and always willing to participate in vocational training programmes.

Anyone planning to take up this profession has to go through a satisfactory police check to ensure that there is no criminal charges or offence committed. It is mandatory to have basic knowledge and understanding of the ‘Health and Safety at Work Act’ and the ‘Infection Control’.

Care home jobs involve acting as a key worker for all the patients within the home. Making patients feel comfortable and welcome is an important part of a carer’s job. Assisting patients to settle in and adapt to the new environment is very important. A carer is expected to assist in bathing, washing, dressing and keeping a watch on prescribed medication given by the doctor.

Attending to the different needs of each patient is expected by responding promptly to call bells and report any kind of accidents or injuries immediately to the supervisor in charge. Monitoring patients under the supervision of senior staff helps build confidence and expertise in the job.

Most patients need aids such as dentures, hearings aids, reading glasses, walking sticks, wheelchairs etc and carers have to make sure that they are in working condition and kept clean. Carers are always encouraged to take initiative provided that they adhere to the rules and regulation set out by the care home.

There are various rehabilitation activities for patients to participate in with a view to improve and help with various health conditions. Carers are expected to assist in these activities under the guidance of the manager and trained staff.

Cleaning in and around the care home on alternate days is expected in a care job especially in the dining area where infection or any contamination must be carefully monitored. Cleaning out spills or any kind of food droppings must be done immediately to prevent any accidents or unwanted injuries that might cause further problems.

Taking care of patient’s personal belongings and ensuring that the communal and bedrooms areas are neat and tidy are other roles carried out by carers.

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