How to lower sugar levels

    How to lower sugar levels

    Being a diabetic it is vital that you maintain normal sugar levels. It sounds terribly hard but it’s easier than you realize. By ensuring that you include a nutritious healthy diet and exercise you will be able to easily achieve this goal. This will not only help your sugar levels but also your heart health. “how to lower sugar levels” is a very frequent question people is searching for.

    It is not easy to gather the right foods to eat as well as the right exercise which will best suit your needs, but it is definitely worth the time and struggle to get this right, because in the end it is what is the most beneficial for you in so many ways.

    Maintaining normal sugar levels through diet can be achieved by using the following guidelines:

    * A vital part is to eat at the same time each day and every few hours

    * Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

    * Celery eaten on a regular basis lowers the GI in foods

    * Make sure that the food you eat is mainly a selection of low GI foods

    * Make sure you include a variety of protein in your diet like lean meat, chicken without the skin and pulses

    * Include omega 3 which is the right fat into your diet

    * Limit the salt in your diet

    * Eliminate alcohol

    * Eliminate refined sugars of all types – e.g. soft drinks

    * Reduce the amount of processed foods, takeaway meals, and fried foods as these are of no benefit to you

    Exercise is a very important part of maintaining your sugar levels, but the most important factor here is that it aids in preventing macro vascular complications:

    * If you have type 2 diabetes, exercise will help you to lose weight

    * Regular exercise will lower your cholesterol and your triglycerides

    * Exercise will lower your blood pressure

    * Exercise reduces the amount of insulin or medication you may require

    * Exercise is excellent in lowering your stress levels, and

    * Exercise will allow you to look and feel great

    Always ensure that before taking on any new exercise regime, that you consult with your doctor to make sure that it will be beneficial to your health and not harmful, depending on how bad your diabetes is, it can actually be harmful so this is why you need to discuss with your doctor the exercise that will best suit your situation.

    Being a diabetic, it is essential that you apply the above guidelines so that you have the best chance to achieve optimum health and maintain normal sugar levels.

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