How to stop hair loss

    How to stop hair loss

    The most important thing to help grow hair long is proper care of your hair. If you follow a few easy steps consistently, you will see results. but before that you need to understand “how to stop hair loss”

    Below are the point for “how to stop hair loss”

    1. Dying your hair too often will ultimately cause it to dry out and create damaged hair. If you must dye it try one of the new products on the market made from all natural ingredients to help protect your hair. If you dye your hair red, try using Henna based dye which is all natural; same with if you dye your hair black, use Henna or Indigo based dyes.

    2. When styling your hair try not to use hot irons or hair dryers that often. Heat is not a friend to your hair and will cause damage. If you want to grow your hair long and must blow dry it, use a diffuser it can help to protect it from the heat.

    3. If you go outside in extreme heat, cold or wind, your hair can get damaged. Protect it by wearing a hat or scarf. Additionally wearing a silk scarf while you sleep can help prevent friction while you sleep. A silk pillowcase is another alternative.

    4. You can expect your hair to grow about a half in per month. This doesn’t seem like much so you’ll have to be patient when growing out your hair.

    5. Make sure your hands are clean whenever you touch your hair or massage your scalp. Oils from your fingers can actually get on your hair and leave it feeling greasy and dirty.

    6. Some hair styles can protect your hair from outdoor elements. Loose buns, ponytails, plaits and braids are good as long as they don’t tug at the scalp. This is especially important if your hair is around shoulder length. If the ends of your hair brush against the collar of your clothes it can create damaging friction. When you do pull your hair up, only use smooth plastic clips and avoid rubber bands and metal clips.

    Condition your hair with Mira hair oil if you are trying to grow hair long. This amazing product will stimulate blood flow to the scalp and help keep your hair healthy.


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