Treating Renal Cell Carcinoma Is Easier Now With Lenvakast

RCC (Renal Cell Carcinoma)

Renal cell carcinoma is a cancer that occurs in the kidneys. It originates from the proximal convoluted tube, which is responsible for the primary transport of urine. This is a very well known ailment as more than 90% of adult cancer cases are due to RCC.

This is one of the most dangerous diseases that affect adults due to the body’s ability to hide the symptoms very well. The most common symptoms are feeling unwell, high blood pressure and fever, and weight loss. As it is clear that the above symptoms can be due to several reasons, people do not take them seriously. The most serious symptom when people seek medical attention is passing blood in the urine. So this disease can spread to a high extent without the people realizing its presence.

Major causes

Since RCC is a cancer of the kidneys, most of the causes are related to lifestyle that affects the kidneys. Smoking and obesity are some of the major reasons behind the origins of RCC in a person.

Apart from lifestyle choices, occupational hazards also play a major role in this. If a person is exposed to harmful chemicals like asbestos, lead, petrochemicals, and many more, due to their occupation, then they have a high chance of developing this disease. However, a contradiction has been found that people consuming alcohol in a moderate or controlled amount are more protected from developing this cancer.

After much research, it has been found that any genetic reasons do not cause RCC. Parents with acquired kidney diseases are not strictly responsible for their offsprings developing RCC. More than 50% of the RCC cases are due to lifestyle choices, and the rest is due to occupational exposure to harmful toxins and chemicals.

Diagnosis of the disease

Another major aspect of the RCC is a difficult diagnosis. As mentioned already, the more cancer spreads, the more difficult it becomes to cure it. Now, it has also been found that the detection of cancer at an early stage is difficult. The sure shot proof is to observe some presence of mass or enlargement of a nearby organ, but that can be too late.

The most effective and commonly used methods for diagnosing renal cell carcinoma are computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound. It is necessary to have a proper diagnosis of this disease because renal cell carcinoma is not a single growth but a collection of different tumors. Hence it can spread rapidly and damage not only the kidneys, but nearby organs as well.

Treating the disease with immunotherapy

Chemotherapy is the most commonly used treatment for cancer of any kind, but it is common knowledge that it comes with a set of its own very serious side effects. Many people, especially elderly persons, can have serious side effects from undergoing chemotherapy. So, immunotherapy is being given more importance for treating cancer.

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The main effect of growing cancer is the regression of the immune system of a person. The best way to fight a disease is by strengthening the immune system of the body. Immunotherapy focuses on this aspect and uses specific drugs to make the immune system stronger to resist cancer growth.

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