Get benefited by learning Anatomy

    Anatomy is hardly talked over in details during a yoga class. Commonly, what a person does when he/she goes to a class would be to work-out, and after which, ask the teacher some question on the asana and inform the teacher his/her limitations or injuries.

    The way to learn anatomy

    1. Actually, there are so many strategies for us to learn about the anatomy of the human body. One of the common way is to buy books. If you are practicing yoga, a book that relates yoga and anatomy will be more relevant than to purchase a book solely on the human anatomy that is more appropriate for people who has knowledge in medical backgrounds.

    2. The ideal book for that would be Yoga Anatomy book by Leslie Kaminoff. This book contains a lot of details about human anatomy as well as the chapters are organized based upon the different asana. This book is best especially for the newbies who would like to learn further on yoga anatomy.

    3. Find a day and pay attention to what your yoga teacher is saying during class. You might realised that some scientific names are mentioned.Most individuals do not pay attention to these terms and would just focus on the poses the teacher is teaching. You will be able to learn more if you keep in mind the terms mentioned then ask your teacher what these words mean. It is a subtle opportunity for you to be lead into the further knowledge and understanding of the asana you’ve just did in class.

    Signing up for workshops or perhaps special classes would be another strategy for you to learn more about anatomy. Workshops for anatomy are widely available. Some yoga centers offer specialized classes to pay more attention to students who wants to learn more deeply on a certain subject on yoga that are not taught much in general classes.

    Benefits gained from learning anatomy

    1. First of all, anatomy will enable us to understand the common health problems along with their basic physiology. With the basic knowledge of anatomy, you can recognize your medical problems and find a solution for it.

    2. This wouldn’t imply that you will become your own physician and be able to cure all those health problems however, you can at least understand your risk factors for such health problems.

    3. Besides the physical body, knowledge in human anatomy can help you identify psychosomatic disorders, which are physical health problems that are caused by mental factors.

    4. Our physical and non-physical body are simply intertwined with each other and so, yoga, which is a physical movement, can aid to heal our non-physical ailments like stress, anxiety, and pressure.

    No longer is yoga all about getting into pretzels positions, obtaining of supernatural powers but as a therapy where it helps us to restore balance back to our being.

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