Exercises and Workouts – Why Aren’t You Breaking a Sweat Today?

There are several reasons not to exercise at a particular time today…

  • you have deadlines to attend to immediately,
  • something unexpected happens at work, and you have to respond and stay later than usual,
  • you are sick, injured, or dealing with some pain, or
  • you have an event or appointment planned.

These are just some examples of valid reasons why you might not exercise today. But what if none of the above applies to you? Is there something preventing you from working out today?

Laziness is the number one inhibitor of regular exercise. It has been revealed excuses stem from laziness and is often used as a way to rationalize a lack of physical activity. Do not make this common mistake. Physical inactivity is a real problem. It is true whether you exercise today or not does not affect your long-term health or well-being. After all, one workout is insignificant.

But the same cannot be said about the habit itself. For you, working out today could prove to be vital to developing a pattern of physical activity. If you have been sedentary, every day counts, because it all contributes to momentum.

There is a reason why it is of said it takes twenty-one days to establish a habit. Once you have been doing something for three weeks or so, it becomes a staple in your routine. You suddenly act without thinking twice. In the case of exercise, you’ll find yourself planning to go to the gym indirectly. For example, someone might ask you if you’re busy tomorrow evening, and while it doesn’t immediately come to mind, you might hesitate because you’re used to being active at that time.

Unless you have a good reason not to exercise today, you ought to make time for a workout. Put on your gym clothes and get ready to break a sweat. It does not matter which exercise you do. Just do something.

The importance of doing some form of physical activity rather than none, cannot be overstated. When you consider millions of adults in developed countries are suffering because of self-inflicted problems – some of which include being sedentary – any and all exercise becomes a massive improvement. It could be an exaggeration to say it is an all-purpose cure, especially on its own. But since activity is the number one preventer of all-cause mortality, it inevitably has a positive effect, even if it has its limits.

If nothing else, exercising today will make you feel better. Breaking a sweat on its own will improve your mood, and maybe even reinvigorate your attitude towards physical activity.

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