Do You Know the Existing Pathological Problems and Their Treatments?

The mouth is a very sensitive area. Most people never understand its importance and the risks it faces. That is why they never commit to visiting the dentists. Wise individuals ensure they visit the dentists at least once every year. However, dental experts recommend checkups every six months. Apart from detecting and treating cavities, the dentists help to identify dangerous oral infections. The dentists will not focus on the teeth only. They will check every other part of the mouth. The soft tissue covering the mouth is vulnerable to infections. The unique pinkish skin covered by mucosa is the soft tissue. The color and the texture of this skin enable the dentist to detect pathological problems. The pathological examinations are thorough. Once a problem is detected, a biopsy of that particular area is obtained for analysis in the laboratory. The laboratory results enable the dentist to make an accurate diagnosis of the extracted biopsy. Recommending the most suitable treatment method will become easier. That is why finding a highly equipped dentist is very important. Listed below are some of the pathological problems.

  • Geographic tongue – This is a condition where the tongue has small bumps. These bumps are known as papillae. The papillae can create a shape like a map on the tongue. This disease causes redness on or around the sides of the tongue. The red patches make the tongue sensitive to certain substances.
  • Hairy tongue – Yeast infection causes this disease. It makes the tongue looks very hairy and dark. One of the leading causes of this disease is poor oral hygiene. Chronic usage of antibiotic drugs and radiation treatment also cause it. Patients with HIV also have the hairy tongue. The dentist can treat this infection depending on the choice of the patient.
  • Median palatal cyst -This condition causes the appearance of sacs full of fluid on the palate. The sacs result in an unbearable discomfort for the patients.


Pathological problems cause discomfort. However, they are not life-threatening. Oral cancer is the most threatening and painful. Chances of surviving are high after the early diagnosis of oral cancer. Obtaining immediate treatment after detecting a pathological disease is essential. Listed here are treatment solutions for minor pathological disorders.

  • Antibiotics -A dose of antibiotic will terminate any bacterial infection and soreness of the mouthparts and tongue. The antibiotics assist in restoring the color of the mucosa.
  • Diluted hydrogen peroxide -Experts recommend this mixture if poor oral hygiene is the cause of the pathological disease. Apparently, it can kill more bacteria than ordinary mouthwash.
  • Oral surgery -Surgery will become necessary if the patient has cancerous growths and cysts. Surgery procedures remove the growths and cysts. Surgery results in more comfort and better breathing ability. General and family dentistry clinics can provide these services.

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