Vaser Lipo Removes Unwanted Fat From The Knees And Other Delicate Areas

As time goes by, we find that there are some areas of stubborn fat that annoyingly, are very hard to get rid of, and it doesn’t seem to matter if we eat a healthy diet and do regular exercise, as this won’t always tone up the bits that bother us the most.

When we gain weight on our legs, it doesn’t just build up on the outer and inner thighs, unfortunately it can also settle around the knees. Excess fat can also cause sagging skin on the knees, even on men and women who are very slim and toned.

Plump knees can affect the way we feel about ourselves and even influence our clothing choices, with short skirts, shorts and swimwear becoming definite no-no items in our wardrobes. If someone is self-conscious about their knees because they look saggy, wrinkly or have excess fat above or below them, then vaser lipo can successfully treat the problem.

You don’t actually need to have lots of excess body fat, in order for fat deposits to settle around the knees, the knees can look unsightly due to a number of issues:

  • Genetics
  • Past damage
  • Weight change
  • Health conditions

Traditionally, the knees have always been a difficult area to treat when using surgical procedures, but fortunately, vaser lipo is a safe and efficient method of resolving this problem, by removing unwanted fat and giving the knees precise and delicate shaping.

Vaser treatment tends to remove fat from the inner part of the knee, but it can also be taken from just above the knee. During the procedure the practitioner will make one or two small incisions, either hidden behind the knee or in the crease above the knee. The practitioner can do the vaser treatment either as a stand-alone procedure or do it while performing lipo on other areas, such as the inner or outer thighs or the saddlebags.

Vaser lipo allows precision shaping for a much more natural-looking result. It’s a gentle treatment for removing excess fat and the results are instant. Unlike traditional liposuction, vaser lipo doesn’t need large incisions and the recovery time is a lot shorter, due to less damage to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels.

During the vaser procedure the fat cells get melted away using ultrasonic probes, leaving your body nicely tight and toned. The treatment gets performed under local anaesthetic, and there’s only minimal pain, bruising and swelling. After vaser treatment clients find that their confidence improves as they feel more toned and can wear different types of clothing.

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