Back Pain: Strains and Sprains

Lower back pain can result from various causes. Many people suffer from back pain from time to time. There can be many reasons responsible for causing lower back pain. Strains and sprains are the foremost reasons. Due to a common lack of knowledge, people believe that they both are the same. However strains and sprains have different causes and can have different symptoms, as well as cures.

A strain is a condition in which a muscle tendon shortens for various reasons. Normal stretching of muscles is essential for effective movement. However if muscles are stretched beyond the limit, this results in a strain, which can be caused by twisting and pulling. A sprain on the other hand involves an injury to the ligament. Ligaments are fibrous tissues which are responsible for holding our bones together. The nature of Bertie’s injuries are different, but both of them have common symptoms as well as common cures.

The symptoms may include complaints of pain. In certain cases there may be swelling or reddening of the affected region. As explained above, a strain is usually caused by your ligament being overstretched, whereas a sprain is caused by overstretching of muscles. It may also cause the contracting of muscles resulting in spasms; contraction of muscles due to a sudden movement after being still is responsible for spasms. In case you happen to suffer from back pain, a sprain might be responsible. Back pain can result due to many activities. It may involve simple activities, such as bending down, or from pulling or overstretching yourself. In case you’re trying to lift very heavy weights, this may result in a back pain. Back pain is common in people who are overweight as this can cause a lot of stress to their backs.

In case of back pain due to sprains and strains, you should have immediate rest as this will allow your muscles and ligaments to recover. You can use an ice pack compress for the affected area. Do not prolong the time required for effective treatment as this may worsen the condition of your back. You can visit your doctor and get the sprain and strain checked out to confirm the problem and take corrective action. Some people think that the problem would cure on its own. They take pain killers and go about their day to day activities and hope that the issue will resolve itself. However this is not the correct approach. If after resting the pain doesn’t subside, it is best to seek a medical opinion.

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