Top 3 Reasons Your Acne Will Not Go Away

If you constantly suffer from acne I’m sure you will be familiar with that feeling of seeming impossibility in finding a cure. But the truth is, many acne sufferers engage in activities and behaviors that rather than cure their acne increase it. What are these behaviors? And how could one break free from them?

1. You still don’t know what triggers your Acne Outbreak

There are various types of Acne and a major step in curing this skin condition is knowing the type you have. This knowledge which will reveal the ‘culprit’ (trigger) in your acne outbreak to you is an important step in staying acne-free.

It is shocking to note that thousands of acne-sufferers don’t know what type they have, or what triggers the outbreak. Some common acne types are:

  • Adult Acne: This is often caused by medications, stress, pollution and even hormone imbalance.
  • Medication-Induced Acne: This is usually brought on by chemicals found in drugs and medications. Usual causes are bromides, androgens, phenytoin, iodides, isoniazid, corticosteroids and lithium.
  • Cosmetic Acne: This is an uncommon form and is mainly caused by some ingredients find in cosmetics e.g. lanolins, mysristate, etc.

These are just few of the numerous acne types. Additional information on types and triggers is available online.

2. You believe that your diet has no affinity with your Acne Outbreak

Well, there have been no conclusive scientific study that have established that acne and diets are connected. Nevertheless, hundreds of people are finding out that by merely adjusting what they eat their acne situation improved. What you should do is to note in writing when and how your outbreak occurs. Or you could simply list the foods that people believe cause acne, and observe your body reaction whenever you eat one of the foods in the list. This small step can tip the scale in your favour in your fight against the chronic skin condition. Examples of food that are usually named as suspect in acne outbreaks are:

  • Fried and greasy foods
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy products
  • White bread

The key is not to stop eating these foods altogether but eating them in moderation and watching your body’s response. You could also add to your diet foods that have been proven over the years to boost skin health. These are fresh vegetables and fruits which contain antioxidants that clear up skin.

3. You regularly buy over the counter drugs to treat your acne

It is often said that many acne treatments cause much more problems than they fix. The truth is that majority of over-the-counter drugs for acne just don’t work. This might be attributable to my first position above concerning acne types and triggers. Many acne medications only work for a particular acne cause. To get an effective acne medication you need to know what type of acne you have, and what triggers it.

The main reason I don’t recommend drugs in acne treatment is that a lot of anti-acne medications actually contains chemicals that are harmful to the body. If you are someone who regularly use different types of drugs for your acne, you might be doing more harm than good. If you will take the medication path, first find out the type and trigger of your breakout, then look for the drug that cures that particular type.

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